iMARVEL! print agency helps you grow your reach offline with high end print in digital or litho. We have everything you need to get your brand moving.



We operate our factory 24 hours a day, delivering quick turnaround times to our customer base. We are committed to assisting all of your printing needs and will do everything we can to accommodate a tight deadline.


Our 5-colour capability with in-line coating, allows us to offer our clients the results they want at a price that can't be beat. Paper weight selection indicates minimum weight, heavier paper may be substituted for operational purposes.


Our quote prices include the cost of proofing, printing, finishing and delivering of your job to anywhere in Ireland and U.K. There are no hidden extras.


Our bindery department finishes the job with in-house cutting, creasing, folding, saddle stitching and laminating capabilities. Through our technical know-how and practical experience we are able to provide you with the highest quality finishing that your job deserves.

A Proven Expertise

iMARVEL PRINT based in Northern Ireland have a 25 year history in print and we know a thing or two about print. We believe in giving value for money with fast turnarounds but not at the expense of quality.

Let's get Digital

Digital printing is what we are great for. It’s what we’ve always done and it’s what we do best. Through the use of our Presses, we can offer the highest quality digital print currently available.



So why go digital

SPEED – Digital printing is faster than conventional litho print. In a world where deadlines are tightening and expectations are increasing, digital printing enables you to produce your printed material in phenomenally fast turnarounds.

COST EFFECTIVE – Historically print buyers were required to order large runs to make it cost effective. The beauty of digital printing is the ability to produce small runs. This is ideal if your marketing and promotional messages are regularly changing.

LESS WASTAGE – As a result of being able to run multiple small print runs of various materials it means that you won’t be left with shelves and store rooms full of dated materials that can no longer be used.


Digital - it's Personal

PERSONALISATION –A huge benefit of digital printing is that of personalisation. Whether it’s the ability to personalise a printed piece in multiple areas to the name of the person that you know will be receiving it or being able to print multiple variants of a piece of artwork all within the same print run, personalisation significantly enhances the value and effectiveness of your printed collateral.


It is amazingly awesome

QUALITY – Sometimes when printing digitally on some presses there is a noticeable difference in quality between digital and litho. This is however now been eradicated through the technology offered by HP Indigo presses. Now you can achieve both the look and the feel of litho through a digital press.

ENVIRONMENT – Traditional litho print uses many elements such as chemicals and plates which are not favourable to the environment. Digital printing on the other hand is very clean and environmentally friendly by comparison. 

Need a big Print Run?

We strive to offer you a consistently superior service throughout your experience with us. We achieve this by combining quality printing practices, informative customer interactions, and excellent turnaround time at extremely competitive prices. Our ethos is defined by the commitment shown to outperform our client's expectations.


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Video Cards

Just pop it in the post, and all your and everybody who touches it sees your video!

It is the ideal way to convey lots of information easily in a manner that ensures your message gets understood and passed around!

The No.1 choice for businesses that want to deliver highly impacting and effective marketing campaigns that get their message in front of key customers in an extremely engaging and memorable way, be that B2C direct mail, or B2B direct mail. 



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